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What We Treat


Most musculoskeletal and neurological conditions

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Acupuncture reduces inflammation and pain effectively. We have successfully treated spine pain, nerve irritation, sciatica, facial pain, jaw pain (TMJ), muscle strain, repetitive strain , tendinitis, tennis elbow,carpal tunnel syndrome, many sports related injuries, automobile injuries (including whiplash), post operative recovery, degenerative joints, arthritis.

Internal medical imbalances

Acupuncture is effective for many internal medical conditions because it is designed to trigger your own inner self-regulating process in order to achive optimal balans and healing (homeostasis). We have successfully treated headaches/ migraines, stress, insomnia , allergies and sinus problems, asthma, menopause, PMS, autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy. Metabolic imbalances such as blood pressure, blood sugar problems, and alliviated symptoms in CSN diseases such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis.

Chronic Conditions
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Acupuncture can be especially effective in chronic problems. Chronic pain can be very complicated – in fact it is a deristinct neurological condition. Acupuncture Theraputics receives referrals from local pain management clinics and pain specialists. This is because the latest best practices in pain management suggest trying many different approaches to manage pain – including acupuncture. While acupuncture is often effective at reducing pain, it also reduces stress, benefits sleep, lifts and stabilizes moods, and improves energy.






Many Insurance companies will cover acupuncture treatments. Our office will gladly contact your insurance company for you. We will also handle the billing to the insurance company.

The best way to see if your insurance covers acupuncture is to read your policy and, or ask your agent or employer. If your insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture, find out why it doesn’t. More insurance companies are paying for acupuncture now but if your’s doesn’t, you may be able to switch plans or companies. With the initiation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) / Obamacare / Covered California, there are insurance policies that have included Acupuncture services with nominally low co-pay for treatment.

Listed below are among a few of the health insurance companies that do cover acupuncture treatments. If your health insurance is not listed below, contact us and we will gladly verify if your health insurance does cover acupuncture care:

American Specialty Health (ASH)
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Anthem Blue Cross of California
Blue Shield of California
Easy Choice Health Plan
Great-West Healthcare
Health Allies
Health Net
Kaiser Permanente
Medical Resource, LLC
Motion Picture Industry Health Plans
Premera Blue Cross
Spring Hill School-The Advanced Elementary School
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions (West)
UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue

We also accept California Worker’s Compensation Insurance cases and MedPay due to Automotive accident/injury.