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I had no more pain and normal mobility

“In the beginning of March, I fell, breaking my fall with my left arm. My left wrist was fractured. One week later I had surgery to place a plate to straighten out the wrist. The wrist healed normally, but during the rehabilitation period, it became evident that my shoulder had been injured by the fall. During the following year, I followed the prescribed stretching exercises. I regained significant mobility, but the shoulder remained painful, not 100%. It was this time that Katarina Ryan, L.Ac. suggested acupuncture treatment. After three brief localized acupuncture treatments, my shoulder completely healed. I had no more pain and normal mobility. I want to thank Katarina for her very precise and gentle treatments. Her hands are truly golden. Because of my personal experience, i highly recommend Katarina Ryan, M.S., L.Ac.”
Alma . La Canada, CA

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